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After years of talking to business owners about their greatest struggles, I’ve noticed a few recurring themes:

  1. Of all the things that need to be taken care of – home, business, family, friends, clients – business owners tend to put ourselves at the bottom of the list.

  2. We force ourselves to do more, achieve higher, double results, and check ALL the things off our miles-long to do lists – so much so that “running the business” is a dreaded task.

  3. When we notice that we aren’t achieving those lofty goals, we go searching for outside answers in books, programs, workshops, webinars and any other information we can get our hands on. Then we use that to set bigger, better, higher goals than the ones we already failed to achieve.

You deserve to be treated better than that.

It’s time to put YOU, first. Put yourself first with self care, so that you are mentally, physically and emotionally capable of doing great work. Think of yourself first, rather than comparing your goals to what you think others are doing. Seek answers from within first, instead of overwhelming yourself with more outside information that you don’t ever put into practice.

When you’re focused on action, goals, tasks, achievement at any cost it’s easy o fall into a Vortex of Doingness. You can spend tons of cash, work endless nights, do ALL the things and still feel lost. No transformation, no alignment, no sustained action. Just the feeling of judgement and shamed for not seeing the results others seem to have.

I set out to do something different in my work. I don’t force goals down a client’s throat. We talk about your true desires. I don’t prescribe the perfect steps to make your business a success. I encourage you to explore your own options and take the path that feels most aligned with you. In fact, I don’t talk too much to your about her business at all. We take a close look at who you are being when you do the business and how you would like it to feel different.

In this call, we’ll talk about one area in your life where you can begin to put you first in your personal life and in your business.We may address questions like:

  • What’s really important? What mission, desire and values determine my goals?

  • How can I let inspiration flow in my business while still getting things done?

  • Why haven’t I been able to achieve my goals?

I want to talk to women  who are ready to rethink their idea of how goal setting should feel. Women who desire to achieve a greater quality of life and business, not by doing more “things”, but by finding the right things to do.

Why me?

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been helping heart-based solopreneurs take big leaps to start, manage and grow their business to new heights. I quickly learned that my truest passion was working less on the business and more on the business owner. As a certified professional coach I combine my experience in business and marketing with my innate talent for asking big questions and hearing beyond the answers to the real root of the problem. I’ve helped clients to embrace their voice, grow their confidence, understand their strengths and manage their relationships – all to the benefit of their business, but more importantly, their lives.

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