Veranda Lane

Compassionate Goal Setting for Free-Spirits

If you could make one HUGE move in your life, what would it be?


Go ahead, say it out loud. It’s the thing you’ve been thinking of doing for years. Moving to a new state (or country), Quitting your job to start a business, Going back to school, Changing direction in your career or business.

Yeah! I’m talking about BIG LEAPS of faith. Now tell me this: Why can’t you do it? Why not start today? Do it now?

I know. You’ve got all kinds of “logical” reasons. The money isn’t there, you don’t know how it’ll work, or you have to wait on some other thing to happen.

I call bullshit.


Here’s the thing. That thing you want: that job, that degree, those new clients, that’s the end goal, the last step in a plan that you’ve yet to create. When you focus on that last step, it makes the whole thing seem impossible. Why? Because you haven’t figured out STEP ONE.

That’s where I come in.

Together, we will create a master plan. One that doesn’t overwhelm you, but inspires you to take each step. You’ll overcome your fear of failure, discover your greatest strengths and start to truly believe that you can do this thing.

We’ll turn your leap of faith into a LAUNCH.


Word on the Lane...

Testimonials from successful launchers who have landed safely in the life of their dreams.

As soon as I completed the pre-Launch activity, I knew this was the program I needed to help me develop my short and long-term personal and professional goals. Raven was thorough, objective and had no issues with be a little stern when I needed it most. It’s easy to have your family and friends be a sounding board – even when they promise to give it to you straight, that’s not always the case. I know Raven is rooting for my success and she can (and will) ask those questions, make those requests and send me back to square one, if necessary.


Whether it’s starting a new business, returning to school or making a serious life change – if you’re ready to launch into greatness, you’ll want to use The Launch Sequence as part of your road map for success.”


Founder of

“Raven is a magical mixture of real strategy and smart coaching. She takes her time to understand where you want to go and then draws out a plan to help you get there. Not only does she let you see the possibility in your goodies but she gives you stress free steps to get there naturally. I used to be really overwhelmed.

Because of Raven, I have made a critical shift in how I approach my future and I’m excited for what’s next.”

Luz Donahue
Artist/ Social Media Coach

“Raven helped when I moved to a new town. She was like a friend in my back pocket, a listening ear and a support system when I thought all hope was lost. She boosted my level of self esteem when I wanted to be hard on myself and throw in the towel. Additionally, she’ s helped me to think for myself and know that everything is not always as bad as it seems.

In essence, she taught me how to believe in myself.

- Tara

“I got to talk about my business and bounce of the walls with all of my ideas. [She] had this way to tell me what I could do that will ELEVATE what I do for my customers and the services that I provide.

I just want to thank you so much for all of your time, all of your amazing energy and for giving me the confidence to do what I do best.”



View the video testimonial here.

“Before meeting [Raven], I had a very limited scope of what I could do with my company and where I wanted to go. She definitely helped me to strategize things and make a plan that made sense and was also actionable, that didn’t make me feel overwhelmed.

She really changed my mindset on how to think bigger and perceive what I bring to the table.”


- Kenetia

I really value Raven’s ability to hone in on the tone of my voice to further understand what I mean. The opportunity to discuss an array of topics is priceless – anywhere from career direction exploration, to a specific family relationship challenge. It has been a true joy…The time we’ve spent together is incredibly valuable, and I will carry it with me for a long time to come.

The most valuable part of the experience for was being given the opportunity to speak my thoughts with an unbiased judgement-free response. Just having the opportunity to talk out loud in a guided conversation is valuable.

  • Michelle Garrett-Johnson
  • Luz Donahue
  • Tara G.
  • Tesz Milan
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